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Faith of a Child Torah Hebrew Language Study
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New Google short name: FOC-TorahHebrew. We are moving to Rochester! FOC Forestville is permanently closed. We will update you as to when our new location's door is OPEN! Thank you. See you Spring of 2020!

DNA double strand, Yacov's ladder... when you can translate Torah Hebrew and remove the corruptions of time, you will find the Truth of WHO we are. Its all in the Song/Psalm of the Aleph Bet: every question can now be answered because TODAY, we have some understanding of the technology of DNA rep...

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Religion is man made, but our spiritual self is creation made... our spirit is WHO WE ARE. Religion is a box for you, or a way others have boxed you in. Being in a box, being a person who knows WHAT you are is wonderful, BUT... you should remember, and should have been told, or should have learne...

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Just one spark is enough to blind someone who has been in the dark too long. At first sight, its painfully bright to see, but as you adjust to it, what was painful becomes a comfort.
LIGHT reveals what's hidden, or completely unknown. LIGHT also lets you see the SEEN with clarity, and sometimes t...

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The WORD of G-d is comprised of LETTERS in a certain sequence, or order, so that groups of LETTERS will make ONE UNIQUE WORD. The FIRST WORD spoken out loud was ORH... Aleph Vav Resh or the UNSEEN POWER, SECURES, BEHOLD. Each Letter has its own meaning. G-d did not say "Let there be Light" but L...

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Judah -יְהוּדָה- A son of Israel & the line of the Messiah. FYI - the connection of "Judah" and David's choice of 5 stones to throw at his enemy is VERY IMPORTANT & a message of ONENESS! You see, the Name Judah (H3063), actually pronounced Y'Hudah, means PRAISED. Leah, the wife of Israel/Jacob, ...

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"Kippur" (H3725) Atonement. Roots - Key (H3587 the burning in, or brand from a red hot iron rod)… Poor (H6311 - winepress/to crush). What is Yom Kippur? Yom key poor as it is pronounced in Torah Hebrew, is the Day of the searing, hot, branding iron of the winepress.

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Did you see the two faces in the picture? Cool huh? Well that confusion is like the glory of the Book of Tanya... its about the Messiah... and us "trying" to follow what we can't understand.
The Tanya is about a holy soul, being born flesh/blood to become a slave to G-d's plan, to suffer the humi...

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ELUL! An acronym. Sunday 8/12/2018, begins the wedding month! With an Aleph (E), Lamed (L) Vav (U) Lamed (L) we will reveal the wonders of ELUL. Elul is created with the first Letter for each word of the wedding vow. Ani = Aleph, L'dodi = Lamed, the U = Vav as the vowel sound "oo" of Elul, and fi...

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Learn Torah Hebrew for FREE!

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Aba is the Aleph Bet just as the Christ to the world is the WORD. The Word is in the Aleph Bet (Father) and the Aleph Bet is in the Word (His Son: The Father"s Seed). Wherever two or more Letters are there is the WORD. Everyone should KNOW the WORD of G-d personally. Many will cry out "Lord, Lord!" and the Word of G-d will turn to them and say, "I never knew you." This is fact, pure and simple. After 6 thousand years of man's corruption of  G-d's Word by well meaning  and some not so well meaning individuals, we really don't know what it says unless we can READ IT FOR OURSELVES.

Torah Hebrew is EASY. Anyone that tells you that there are too many grammar rules is a FOOL and is feeding you sludge! There are no rules... only basic words to embellish with other Letters for impact the basic word into an inspiration of AWE. Man has created grammar rules that do not, cannot, consistently hold up throughout the whole of G-d's Torah, These man made rules don't work because the Torah Hebrew is not read by "words" but by LETTERS revealing the Word. Each Letter onto itself is a WORD that tells a personal story... like you and me! In a given WORD, the LETTERS that make that WORD, any Letter might be written HUGE, or can be missing, or penned upside down, or one added onto at the beginning or the end of the WORD just for impact of meaning. The WORD flow is simple childlike speech which is why translating into another more sophisticated, or formal language just does not keep the intended meaning pure: in Torah less speaks more. Men added, which took away the ease of Torah Hebrew and hid it from us by making it SEEM to hard to learn. We can bring the ease of understand back to you... its our only mission to Love G-d through His Glory, and to love everyone for His Love's sake alone. What is the Father's (Aleph Bet) will? For ever eye to gaze upon His Word and BELIEVE in the Father's (Aleph Bet) glory because it was through the Aleph Bet that all was created! We're TRYING to open eyes but it ain't easy... but trying was all we were asked to do. No Torah Hebrew has no rules... just an easy yoke to bear: pure childlike fun and joy!

Children the age of 3 begin to learn it, it is really very child like and if you can open your eyes to the fact that EACH LETTER IS A WORD onto ITSELF, you can read it in less than 1 hour by yourself. In less than 2 hours you will be able to read like a child of first grade reads English. It is so very easy and so much fun. It is truly a mystery of layers and wonderful insights. You really must TRY... it is all the Father asks of HIs children is that they TRY without fear of failure or of punishment. The whole family can learn together. If you can point and say what the shape is of the Letter, you can learn Torah Hebrew. We have children as young as 3 years of age who can READ Torah Hebrew when they cannot yet read English! Its made for children... bring the children to the WORD and teach them the FATHER (Aleph Bet) to understand the Father's GLORY IS HIS WORD.

We will send you our "Child of the King" Let's Learn Torah Hebrew package through the mail for FREE! There is no religion, no bias, no nothing other than learning Torah Hebrew Letters (Aba) to learn His Glory of His Word. Everyone should gaze upon Aba's glory and believe! When the Word came to the world, He, the Father's Word in flesh and blood, clearly said DO NOT WORSHP ME, WORSHIP HIM WHO SENT ME. The WORD was born out of TORAH. Back to Torah we follow the WORD to learn the ONENESS of the Aleph Bet (Father) and His Seed (Letters)!

Learning is easy and you can schedule your time and pace and can change it whenever you want. But you will learn everything you need on your first lesson. Many people have taken our 1 hour seminar and have come back a few months later reading the Hebrew bible completely on their own. And ALL say it was so much fun and so AWE filled. "Why do they not teach us this in church or shul?"... this is how they always end their testimony. Learn from the comfort of your home, using the FREE supplies we will provide and email communication you can use to ask questions so we can point you into finding what you seek on your own so you will OWN it and REMEMBER it... KNOW HIM. We also have YouTube videos as support if you like to have a  "virtual" coach's help. Its that simple. When you are ready for the next step... just knock by contacting us at Founded April, 2009

The Lord's Day is at hand. Are you ready? As a child of the King, you should know Aba Father's language of creation and love. Try... all you are asked to do is try.

Blessing to you and yours from us, because all we have to give, He gave us to give in His Name... for His Name's sake.

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